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16 Year old: From the Mediterranean coast to Samaria

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

Return O' Israel visits Gilad Farm in the hills of Samaria with guide Boaz Haetzni. An agricultural village named after the late Gilad Zar, the former security chief who was murdered by Arab terrorists.

But Gilad Farm is not a place of darkness, instead, it is a place of inspiration, of connection, of redemption. We met 16 years old who left his beautiful Mediterranean coast town for the hills of the Shomron. Witness the “new generation” of Jews returning to the land…and find out why!

Meet a pioneer and mother, Ilana – and her children. Hear Ilana speaking from her heart about her gratitude for our partnership in bringing Shalom/Peace through Sovereignty that culminates in the coming of Messiah.

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