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                                                                         Sovereignty - If Not US, WHO? If Not NOW, WHEN?


The future redemption for Jews and Christians is inseparably linked to the reestablishment of full Jewish sovereignty in the Land of Israel.  As a Christian partner with the Ribonut / Sovereignty Movement, we aim to be an international voice and provide support for the actualization of full Jewish sovereignty. 



Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem [Psalm 122:6] and pray that the leaders of your nation will govern in the light of Genesis 12:1-3 "...I will bless those who bless you..."

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Share the information from this website with family, friends, Church leaders, Pastors, and government officials.



Show your love, support, and friendship to Jewish friends in your community. This affirms that as a believer, you respect and stand with Israel in your personal commitment to God.

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Host or support Return O' Israel  and / or Jewish Sovereignty Movement speakers and events in your community.​​

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Join a unique tour in Israel and see first-hand the importance of sovereignty in Israel.​

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