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From Survival – to Destiny

Download this amazingly in-depth 27 page-Journal covering articles, facts and figures proving why full Jewish Sovereignty is biblical and the safest, most secure way forward for Israel’s future. Read about the Tama 100 Plan that chronicles 120 years of Zionism along with a parametric comparison between the three political schools of thought; Status Quo; Withdrawal; Sovereignty and
the only strategic and comprehensive plan for the land of Israel. You decide!

Numerous other important articles authored by Ayelet Shaked, Minister of Justice; Yossi Dagan, Head of Samaria Council; Chief Editor of Israel Hayom daily publication; Caroline Glick, popular Jerusalem Post writer and author; popular Rabbi, Shlomo Riskin formerly an ardent supporter of the 2-State Plan and why his realization of Torah caused him to switch and embrace Sovereignty; several attorneys and amazing insight from Arab Jericho resident and author Basam Eid writing about why Arab’s too want
Israeli Sovereignty; plus results of an amazing survey conducted by the reputable Geocartography with results proving 73% oppose a Palestinian State and 85% of Jewish population now support Sovereignty.

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