As a Christian partner of the Ribonut / Sovereignty Movement within Israel, our goal is to provide international Christian support towards the actualization of full Jewish sovereignty in Israel.  We believe that this will bring about the future Redemption of Jews and Christians. While there are many pro-Israel Christian organizations, Return O' Israel is an NGO whose primary focus is complete Jewish sovereignty.

Jewish Sovereignty - A Biblical Worldview


Forty years prior to Joshua crossing the Jordan, God had told Moses that the land was their inheritance. God expected Joshua to act in faith on what He had said. Joshua's worldview as he crossed the Jordan was anchored in God's promises. He wasn't swayed by news or circumstances. That biblical worldview is what we seek to restore. 



Who We Are


A partnership of Christians and Jews who recognize and support the biblical rights of Jewish Sovereignty in the land of Israel. These rights were confirmed legally by International Governing bodies in Paris, France 1919; San Remo, Italy 1920; League of Nations 1922 and the newly formed United Nations in 1947.


"A Christian's Opportunity To Actualize Biblical Prophecy"



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Rev. Anthony & Rebekah Abma


Rev Anthony Abma, a graduate of Theological Studies in 1983. Has served in Biblical education and training in over 45 countries. An ardent student of prophecy he recognized the importance of Jewish Sovereignty in Israel and the biblical mandate of Christian support - which are essential components of global redemption.

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Samuel Solomon


Business strategist and entrepreneur, philanthropist; Sam has in-depth experience covering technology, marketing, finance and governance activities; cooperation with investors engaged in early-stage technology investments both in the US and Israel. Qualifies as a financial expert on board of directors.


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