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What’s Wrong With This Picture??

This newly erected sign stands at the only entrance for Jews and Christians to the Temple Mount in the Old city of Jerusalem. It embodies a disturbing fact in Israel; Jews who are faithful to God and His instructions given them by Moses, are singled out, persecuted and worse – denied the very democratic rights Israel affords the “strangers in her gates”.

It’s a declaration forbidding any act that is considered religious such as praying, singing, or even to speak aloud of any scriptural, historical facts of Jewish rights and of God’s presence on the Temple Mount. Its even forbidden to carry an Israeli flag into Israel’s most holy site.

This is just another event that confirms not only my vision for founding Return O’ Israel – Christians in support of Jewish Sovereignty, but also why our specific Christian support is so necessary.

These rules demonstrate a contempt for God whom the Jews are called to serve. Forbidding Jews (and Christians) uninterrupted access, prayer or for Jews assert to their Sovereignty on the Temple Mount, is truly a desecration of the very place God chose as the place where Jews - and all humanity – would come to worship; “…my house will be a House of Prayer for ALL Nations.” [Isa 56:7; Mark 11:17]

What this sign depicts, is the ongoing spiritual warfare in Israel and why it is imperative for Christians to not only pray, but to stand in Solidarity with and support those fervent Jews who are calling for complete Jewish Sovereignty. For only then can the Temple be rebuilt which -when accomplished, will usher in the greatest reign of peace and prosperity the world has ever known.

This photo was provided by my good friend, Nati Rom a courageous Jewish Lawyer, human rights advocate (for Jews and Arabs) and pioneer of several new villages in unoccupied Israel State lands. I’ve been privileged to have Nati as a friend for many years. He’s joined us on tours in Israel, we’ve shared Conventions in several countries and I’ve also hosted him to speak at public functions.

If you would like to support a righteous cause in Israel, Nati is one of those “unsung hero’s” that is on the front lines of change in Israel. Here are links to Nati’s Heartland of Israel FB page;; and his web site; I'm providing his Israeli phone number; +972 52-566-5660 to encourage you to text and ask to be added to his WhatsApp, Telegram or Twitter group in order to receive his frequent updates in real time as they unfold in Israel. Should you want to invite Nati to your congregation or host a public speaking arrangement in your city, Nati also travels to enlighten people to the truth of what’s happening in Israel.

I invite you to visit Return O’ Israel and view the list of other pro-Israel groups fighting for Israel’s restoration and Sovereignty. []

Thank you for your time and may God bless you.

Anthony Abma

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