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Terrorist Attacks - Inside Follow Up

In follow up to the terrorist attacks of Feb 26th, I am sharing two videos that give valuable insight into what actually happened. This is in contrast to how the liberal, ungodly bias presents it’s case against Israel. This bias reverberates through the echo chamber of mainstream media, distorting the actual events.

I trust you will be enlightened to understand more clearly what is actually taking place in Israel and will be motivated to pray even more fervently.

The first video is by Josh Waller and his brother-in-law, Luke Hilton of the Israel Guys whom I’ve met on several occasions in Israel. []

Josh’s father Tommy started the Christian organization of HaYovel (Hebrew for “the Jubilee”; ) in Israel some fifteen years ago. Their mission is to support Jewish pioneers in the biblical heartlands of Judea and Samaria. Along with that, they produce videos and podcast to tell the truth of what is actually happening in Israel.

Josh and Luke went into the Palestinian village of Hurawa where the two Jewish brothers were murdered (point blank in their car which had been rammed). They show first hand what actually happened in the hours that followed when frustrated Jewish residents came to protest these senseless murders – what the mainstream media has falsely labelled as a “Jewish pogrom against Arabs”.

Here is the link to their video;

The next video here is of my good friend Nati Rom, a Rabbi and Lawyer. I’ve had the privilege to introduce Nati to numerous people and congregations around the world which has included sharing Conventions with him.

Nati lives in a small community near ancient Shiloh in Samaria. He is very active with supporting Jewish efforts to reclaim their God-given lands, which often times is to offer his legal services free of charge. Nati gives valuable insight in this interview on Israel National News into the courageous lives of these brave pioneers and what is happening in Israel today.

Here is the link to Nati's interview;

Please respond to this email if you would like to support Nati or learn more of his work.

God bless you,

Anthony Abma

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