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Israel's Martyrs - Latest Terrorist Attack In Israel

Enough of the tragic and senseless murders of innocent souls in Israel. Hopefully the lives of the Yaniv brothers and Elan Ganeles will not be lost in vain. May their tragic end be the phoenix by which changes arise that will usher in protection and peace – not only to the Heartlands, but throughout Israel!

The key to stopping terrorism lays in overcoming Israel’s identity crisis. Embracing the protracted biblical fiat of their true identity is an issue that has plagued this Holy Nation from its inception. Israel’s enemies are emboldened and Arab terrorism arises out of the weakness fomented by Jewish leadership’s resistance to God’s covenants and chosen leadership.

Dathan and Korah personify the age-old struggle between the spiritual, bible-believing Jews determined to obey and live by God’s sovereign covenants vs. the liberal-minded who rebel and care little about Jewish biblical mandates and thus, redemption itself. Consider Israeli police and the IDF being more focused on restraining Jewish pioneers than being the force de jour to reign in terrorism.

I write from the perspective and experience of having been on both sides. A frequent visitor to Israel, I’ve been with Jewish pioneers in the Heartlands as well as with Arabs. I understand and have seen the frustration of both firsthand. What I’ve learned and what few outside realize, is that there are a huge number of Arabs who do not trust and are very frustrated with their own people! Many Arabs take no joy in senseless acts of terrorism. Some risk their lives to protect Jews – because they believe the Koran’s instructions to respect the “people of the book” to whom God gave the land they live on. They know and want the peace, prosperity and respect that will be afforded them – living under Jewish Sovereignty.

I’ve witnessed the courage of brave Jewish pioneers in the Heartlands who are possessed of a biblical vision through their love of God and Torah. It’s not surprising that their frustration and outrage finally broke and gave vent to vigilantism. Being harassed by one’s own brothers and sisters in the Israeli Police and IDF – is almost worse than living in fear of Arab terrorists. Their retaliation was the casualty of absent Biblical leadership. To be sure, it was a moment of weakness, not to be condoned – but rather to be overcome with progressive and courageous actions of faith and strength. When the Jewish bond with the promised land flourishes – so does peace and prosperity.

While this is an exclusively Jewish responsibility within Eretz Yisrael, as heirs in faith, Christians share in and are the proponents for redemption. Neutrality is a myth. God forbid that Christians ever be found as antagonists in opposition to God’s inherent will for Israel’s restoration that culminates in the 3rd Temple and the peace that follows in welcoming the long-awaited Messiah.

We are allies with Israel’s Biblical leadership who embrace and affect the materialization of the prophetic biblical vision of Israel’s complete restoration in Sovereignty over her indigenous homeland.

Rev Anthony Abma

CEO; Return O' Israel

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