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Join Emek Cohen, the Keeper of the Land!

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

Attaining Sovereignty in Israel is first and foremost a constitutional, legal matter. However, the backbone and legitimacy for this legal precedent to be established is absolutely contingent upon the grass-roots endeavors of those unsung heroes like Emek Cohen, who are the Keepers of the Land! It is the people like Emek who are sacrificing and risking all to reclaim the land agriculturally and settle it by their presence, that give legitimacy and substance to this legal right of the Jews to their land – and thus Sovereignty. “Presence” is possession!

Return O’ Israel has as one of its objectives, the support of individuals like Emek. Your gift of support can help Emek buy tools and equipment to clear and cultivate the land; purchase irrigation supplies and fencing material to nurture and protect the trees; and of course, to help purchase a variety of trees or vines for his land in Kerem Ayalot.

Another option to consider if you are unable to donate to help purchase some of these tangible items, is a donation of your time. Travel to Israel and help Emek and others to clear the land and plant trees.

Please feel free to contact us about how you can help Emek and other Jews like Emek claim their lands.

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