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Israel's Skies Are Reopening - Will Christians Return?

I want to thank the Jerusalem Post and journalist / writer Rivkah Lambert* for the opportunity of contributing for this article in the new Christian World section of the Jerusalem Post.

The link to this full article is just above and includes comments from others like award wining film Producer, David Keirn of I Am Israel. The link to watch or download his incredible documentary is available on our home page or here:

Several others also share their anticipation of being able to return soon to Israel with the vaccine mandate being lifted there on March 1st.

Given the prospects of life and travel returning to normal, I look forward to an opportunity to share either with individuals or congregations, the biblical truths of our Christian responsibility and the privilege we have to stand with and support the Jewish people in their quest for full restoration. Complete Jewish restoration is after all, the essential element of redemption that we are inseparably connected with!

In closing I invite you to check out the Jerusalem Post's new Christian World web portal at; I also recommend Rivka's two groundbreaking books about the relationship between the Jewish people and the Nations: Ten From The Nations (2017) and Lighting Up The Nations (2021).

Anthony Abma

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