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Why isn't Tel Aviv in the Bible?

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

Join Anthony and Shmuel Junger of CFOIC Heartland who is active in promoting the biblical roots of Judea and Samaria to the Christian communities throughout the world.

In this first part of two, Shmuel discusses the scriptures found in the Bible which take place in the Land of Israel. That places which, today, are seen as occupied by Jews, are in fact the origins of their nation.

Tune in to an interesting conversation on a beautiful hilltop location in the Shomron between two friends, A Christian and a Jew.

About Shmuel Junger

Shmuel was born and raised in Israel, served in the IDF, completed his first University degree and is now working on his masters, and spent the last 4 years in Hong Kong running the Jewish studies department in the local Jewish school.

Shmuel lives in Zufim, a small town in Samaria. He holds a degree in Law and is certified to teach Talmud (Jewish law and literature). Shmuel studied Bible and Talmud for 7 years in a Yeshiva (a center for advanced Judaic and rabbinical studies). He is an alumna of ‘Stand With Us’, a public diplomacy program advocating for Israel and combating Islamist extremism and anti-Semitism. Shmuel has also worked for the Jewish Agency for Israel. Shmuel is married to Michal and together they have been blessed with four wonderful children.


Return O' Israel

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