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WATCH: Sovereignty: A Battle Between Light & Darkness

The following are excerpts taken from a personal conversation with Yehudit Katsover and Nadia Matar from the Sovereignty Movement as they explain what Christian support for Sovereignty means.

In today’s world, where truth and deceptions are hidden, it is important to be sensitive when choosing which direction to take.

Since World War II, the Christian World has moved away from conflict and war and has put its efforts into creating peace through unity. Empowered by this perceived weakness, Islam began to rise to power.

Like the days of Hitler, Islam has convinced many in the west that it is the Jews who are the source of the world’s problems, while labeling themselves as the victims.

Now we have to make order, the world is a mess, like there is a battle between light and darkness.

Return O’ Israel represents this light and morality; wanting to correct the world and lead it in the correct and moral direction. Under the leadership of Anthony Abma, Return O’ Israel has a long journey in front of them; to show what the Jewish people bring to this world and what would happen if there were no Jews in the world. This morality, light, and justice we speak of would be absent from the world which would later lead the world to destroy itself.

Christians are a gift from God for the Jewish people, they are an acting force against the immorality of Islam which blames the world problems on the Jewish people and Israel. An important step in bringing this light to the world is to recognize that in order for light to exist, the Jewish People must have full rights to their land.

Return O’ Israel, together with the Sovereignty Movement, call out to the world together, Sovereignty for the Jewish people in their God given land. Only when the Jewish people have complete sovereignty over its God given land will there be more light, more peace, more justice in the world.

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