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WATCH: Redemption of Ancient Jewish Land

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

Sovereignty means full possession and control of one’s land and resources.

Nestled in the hills of Samaria close to the Dothan valley, is the beautiful village of Reihan. Join us as Emek takes us to the land where Jews once lived and cultivated the land – and now have returned!

Restoration and redemption is underway – but this is an immense task and now you can have a part in fulfilling this biblical prophecy of restoration by helping Emek realize his great vision to partner with you!

The cultivation and restoration project that Emek has embarked upon, is actually one that is indicative of much of the land in Samaria and Judea. Rich and fertile, full of abundant prospects…but sadly uninhabited and uncultivated. What’s even worse, is that without dedication and fervency to fulfill the biblical commands of reclaiming the land of those like Emek, it is in some areas – being lost forever.

Without sovereignty over the land, Arabs are able to encroaching and claim land that is not rightfully theirs.

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