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The Rhythm of Jewish Sovereignty in the Land of Israel

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

Have you ever heard the rhythm of the bible as it reverberates with spiritual life for those whom it was intended? Join Eve Harrow in the hills of Judea as she shares amazing insight of the seasons and cycles of the bible, of nature and of the Jewish people.

There are only one people on earth whose rhythm of their lives is inseparably connected to the land of Israel. By simply listening, one can hear this and realize how abundantly evident the Jewish people's inalienable rights to sovereignty in the land are!

As Eve shares, though the Jews are home again in the land God gave them – they have yet to realize full and complete Sovereignty! Join Return O’ Israel as we stand with those like Eve and the many others who are longing and calling for their full restoration in Sovereignty so they can take that final step!

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