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Passover Freedom

Israel's Freedom - Leaving Egypt

In this week of Passover as Jews and Christians commemorate the Seder and Passover once again the special instructions of God to Moses take on significant meaning in light of today’s current events. To understand where one “is” in their journey must include the reference of one’s beginning. One’s foundation is imperative in understanding “where did I come from” and more importantly – “where am I going?”

In like manner, neither Jew nor Christian can fully appreciate their history or destiny, without the foundational truths embodied within Israel’s Exodus out of Egypt. The deliverance and exodus is unequivocally God’s doing. His supernatural work to free His people which was the genesis of their being established as a “great nation”.

Accordingly, the narrative begins with a direct commandment from God. They are His first words to the descendants of Abraham, a people who had only known slavery. His words set the tenor of the journey they were about to embark upon. This day was to be forever regarded as their new beginning.

This month shall be unto you the beginning of months: it shall be the first month of the year to you. [Exodus 12:2]

Their freedom though would come with a price or rather, a responsibility. Israel was offered the freedom to make their own choice – a choice which would also determine their destiny. The freedom to choose though was contingent upon a second commandment, one that required the utter desecration of their evil Egyptian overlord’s premier pagan deities.

Though it was a promise of freedom, Moses instructions of slaughtering a lamb - an Egyptian deity - was a choice with an incredible risk, but also of an indefatigable statement. This people group was given the choice to declare to the world that there is but One God, and One God only; and it was He who was delivering Israel. These were His instructions and not some whim or figment of man’s imagination.

More importantly, Israel’s freedom to choose to obey and embrace His commandments, was a self-determining choice of their identity and future. A choice that would initiate a journey to forever represent God’s will and testament in the earth.

That’s why Passover is about the beautiful truth - not just of Israel’s freedom - but of their identity within the land that God gave them. Israel is a people whose fate is inseparably wed to God – and to the land that He has Sovereignly given them, a in which they are to Sovereignly dwell.

This is a truth that we as Christians must not only respect and honour, but must support and help Israel to realize as the deliverance and freedom of Israel to choose, ultimately leads to redemption for all.

How many more Passovers must pass, before Israel will be finally permitted to realize their unhindered freedom that Sovereignty in their God-given land that Passover truly embodies?

Return O’ Israel is a movement of Christians devoted to supporting Jewish Sovereignty that helps Israel realize their Passover freedom. Join us and support Israel's fight for freedom today!

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