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Oz veGaon – The Strength of Love and Unity

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

Another special event was hosted at Oz veGaon on Thursday, Jan 2, by Tal Katsover, Commander at the IDF Recruitment Bureau. Tal brought together Commanders of the IDF Recruitment to hear two special speakers; Racheli Frankel, mother of Naftali – one of the 3 boys murdered and Aaron Granot, head of Osey Chail – the Association for Haredi Soldiers who join the IDF – at great personal cost.

The day began with Racheli speaking of the incredible pain she endured over the loss of her 16 year old son. She began with the horror of his kidnapping, the agonizing 18 days before his body was found – and finally grappling with the immense grief of her loss.

But Racheli didn’t end there. She had an incredibly moving message for the soldiers in training, a message of strength and unity as she related what gave her the strength to overcome the terrible pain. “It’s all in how you look at things…” she said. Using the analogy of a camera when you have a wound, Racheli went on;

“You can decide to take the camera and focus on the wound (up close) so the wound fills up the frame - or you can decide to put the wound in the background. That way you

see the larger picture of the person, the trees, the sun and the beautiful sky. The

wound is still there – it still hurts, but you remember that you are part of something

greater – and that is what we must focus on!” she said.

Racheli spoke of the awesome power and strength in unity. About the “bond” that joins the Jewish people that she would have never come to appreciate – had it not been for the horrific tragedy. Through this suffering, she and her family experienced love from the community in ways never before known.

“In spite of there being so many differences, so many different parties and even infighting among us…” she said, “We are “one”! There was scarcely a dry eye in the place as she spoke of how people laid aside their differences to show us love and give us support in their time of suffering. But now she said, “We have a challenge - how to keep this unity not only during war time – but during regular, routine life-time!”

Following Racheli was another unique guest speaker, Aaron Granot. Aaron is like a father to over 20 “lone” soldiers in Kiryat Arba. These are soldiers who were raised in Ultra Orthodox, Haradim families and for simply signing up to fight for their country, are abandoned by their parents and families. With no home or family to return to when on leave, Aaron provides these men with a new home and a new family among the 11 special apartments designed for this unique purpose.

And this is what Oz veGaon is all about – a beacon of hope, of love and unity. A shining symbol of what love and unity is all about as people come together in the bigger picture and vision of redemption and of Jewish rights and Sovereignty in their ancestral homeland.

PS: To learn more about Osey Chail and the work of Aaron Granot – read this moving testimony of “God’s Diamonds”. or watch this short video that explains Osey Chail;

You are also invited to prayerfully consider sponsoring one of the following projects for Oz veGaon expansion; Indoor play area for children; Educational wine press; More Wooden Benches & Picnic Tables; Landscape Maintenance; & Maintenance for IDF Soldiers stationed; Building terraces; To find out how - connect to the following link;

Thank you and God bless you,

Anthony Abma

Return O’ Israel

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