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Letter to President Trump; Re: West Bank Annexation

April 15, 2019

Dear Mr. President Trump,

Anthony & Rivka Abma In Israeli President's Residence

In this season of the Passover redemption, Zionist Christians worldwide who esteem and value your leadership in supporting Israel, send you this letter of support. You have set an incredible example by recognizing Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel along with the sovereignty of Israel over the Golan Heights.

You have made difficult – but correct choices Mr. President. You have recognized what many are failing to acknowledge, that things have changed over the years in Israel and the Middle Eastern countries. You together with Prime Minister Netanyahu are responding and acting upon those changes and leading the way to a new and what promises to be an improved society of peace and humane conditions for all.

Supporting the Prime Minister’s promise of annexing certain territories or even to implement full Sovereignty in Israel, is not “destructive” as some falsely believe. It was delusional from the onset to think that a “Two-State” system could ever deliver peace or stability in such a small area. Time has proven this to be completely untenable. Now is the time to implement changes according to reality.

That is why your lead in providing Israel with even greater support is the right thing to do. Israel has the right to be a Sovereign State over all of its territory – just as every other nation on earth does. As Christians, we also support this as it is a biblical mandate granted by God to Israel. Only when the Nation of Israel is fully restored as a Sovereign State, will the long awaited redemption that Jews and Christians long for, be finally realized. And you are helping to make that happen.

Though you face opposition from other Governments and Jewish groups in America who are asking you to influence your good friend Prime Minister Netanyahu, to abandon his election promise to annex portions of Judea and Samaria, please know that there are Christians around the world, who stand with you in support of the Prime Minister of Israel.

It is time for the Jewish people in Israel to make their Exodus from the shackles of failed political processes of the past, and enter into the liberty and freedom of their God-given land and rights.

Most Respectfully,

Rev Anthony Abma

Return O’ Israel;

Christians In Support Of Jewish Sovereignty

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Shalom Tony Abma and Rivka Abma

It is the Biblical, historical, and heritage right for ISRAEL to claim their original land ownership, their original worship to be restored. Their Temple Mount status should be rightfully restored and the Temple rebuilt too.

Michael Jeshua Devan.

Singapore .

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