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Israeli Sovereignty Over The Golan

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

President Trump once again made history on March 25th. He recognized Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights in accordance with his executive authority. If you’ve never visited Israel you might be wondering; What is the Golan and where are the Golan Heights?

It’s territory in the northern most tip of Israel. More than just some “high hills”, the area is comprised of two geologically distinct areas. There is the plateau of almost 1,200 sq km (460 sq miles) and the additional 39 square miles of the slopes of the Mt. Hermon range. Mt Hermon borders Lebanon and the plateau borders Syria.

It is to be noted that no formal borders between Syria and Israel were ever recognized when Israel declared Statehood in 1948. In comparison to the fledgling State which was ridiculously outnumbered and outgunned, the newly formed Syrian Government assumed control of this region. To all amazement, in the ensuing war of Independence that Syria and several other Arab nations started, Israel pushed the Goliath out of the high ground. In a 1949 armistice agreement, the area became partly demilitarized.

However, as has been proven, the Syrians did not respect the armistice. For almost 20 years, the Israeli settlers and border communities in the valley below were constantly harassed by Syrian artillery and Palestinian terrorist raids. When the Six-Day War in 1967 began with a coordinated attack by 3 Arab armies, Egypt, Jordan and Syria pounding Israel with heavy shelling from the Golan. Once again Israel repelled the attackers and secured her claim to the territory.

The surprise attack of the 1973 War was an almost complete replay; Syrian forces attack – but lose again to what Secretary of State Pompeo recently described as “…Israeli heroism at its most amazing…in the Golan battle of the Valley of Tears”. After their defeat and hoping for the best, Israel does sign a ceasefire agreement with Syria in 1974 that left almost all of the Golan in Israeli hands.

A firsthand visit – even a cursory glance at a map with elevations - would dispel any doubts as to the strategic value of this real estate. With an enemy sworn to Israel’s destruction and now being bolstered by the Iranian terrorist regime, it is completely unrealistic that Israel could – or should – ever relinquish control. The painful memories of the past are forever seared into the Jewish consciousness.

More than that, the Golan Plateau is an inseparable part of historic Israel. In the past half century, Mideast archaeologists have unearthed 34 synagogues and settlements which more than prove the Golan as part of Israeli biblical territory.

With these facts clearly established, why then is it important for Christians to recognize Israeli sovereignty in the Golan? 3 short reasons:

1: It’s biblical; Archaeology proving once again the historic presence of the Jews in the land God promised – and gave to them.

2: It’s all about security – when considering an enemy who never proved their ability to respect an agreement.

3: Because so few others are willing to stand with the Jews who believe in and want their full

restoration in the fulfillment of redemption.

God is calling upon us as Christians with clear vision of Jewish restoration to make up the shortfall of support within Israel itself. Even leftist Israeli’s of influence are pushing back with; “What was so bad with the status quo?” Another commented with; “It stirs a hornet’s nest that didn’t need stirring…” While Leftist J Street head Jeremy Ben Ami acknowledged the strategic importance of the Golan, his positive comments were overshadowed with this; “Premature US recognition of Israeli sovereignty over the Golan is a needlessly provocative move that violates international law and does not enhance Israeli security…”

Help us echo the call of redemption; Return O’ Israel – to your God, to your biblical commands; to your biblical heritage and land. This we must do. As Christians, let’s show this vital support for our Jewish brothers and sisters.

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