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Israel's New Govt & Court Changes - Where Is This Headed?

Important events with potentially great implications are currently taking place in Israel. If you're following any news in Israel, you would know that massive demonstrations are happening – but why?

The newly elected Netanyahu Government is perhaps the most biblically focused Government since the modern State of Israel was reconstituted in 1948. One of their foremost objectives is to reform the Supreme Court whose Judges are appointed and have virtually no accountability. Their far-left leaning ideology and liberal radicalism have abused their powers on a regular basis and now, more than ever, no longer represent the majority of Israeli public.

As Rabbi Tuly of Israel 365 News stated*; “This unfair system is undemocratic and flies in the face of the Torah’s system of checks and balances.” From a biblical perspective, this is an issue that has been decades in the making. It's the age-old conflict that has plagued this Holy Nation from the days of Dathan and Korah - the struggle between the spiritual, bible-believing Jews vs. the secular, liberal minded elites.

The liberalists of the political left say that if passed, the reforms would mean “the end to democracy in Israel” and would "severely harm the human rights and civil rights of Israeli minorities."

Many on the right however, beg to differ. Professor Gadi Taub, a prominent Israeli conservative and political commentator whose interview with Joel Rosenburg cab be found on All Israel News, [] - isn’t buying it. Taub has long been a leading voice arguing that Israel’s judicial system is badly broken. The crux of the problem Taub argues, is "that the the Supreme Court thinks it has the final decision on everything...and is acting like a substitute government...”

Benny Gantz, the former Defense Minister of the previous government, epitomizes the sentiments of the "left" with his warning; “… that the judicial overhaul could lead to “civil war”. Gantz actually went on to “...urge the public to lawfully take to the streets” declaring: “It’s time to go out en-masse and demonstrate; it’s time to make the country tremble.

This is a spiritual conflict over the very heart and soul of what Jewish life in the Holy Land constitutes. This opposition and adversity is the single, greatest impediment to Israel's biblical restoration and the final chapters of redemption being fulfilled.

A newly revitalized Court that supports the legislation and policies which embody Israel's biblical mandates - will facilitate important steps towards Israel's complete restoration and sovereignty. These steps are absolutely essential prerequisites for setting the stage upon which the long awaited Moschiach will appear.

Christians who share this vision, are actually more biblically aligned with our Jewish biblical counterparts - than the left-leaning Jews who share DNA - but oppose Israel's biblical mandates. It's incredibly important for Christians to pray - but also to give and support this restoration and revival that is taking place in Israel.

For more valuable insight into these important events, I invite you to link to Rabbi Tuly’s article that I quoted from. There you will also find a link to a declaration he wrote that you can sign to show your love and support for Israel. Rabbi Tuly is hoping to get a million signatures, which will then be presented to Prime Minister Netanyahu.

I sincerely thank you for taking time to read this article and trust that you will actively pray for direction to know how you can support God's chosen in Israel during these incredibly important times.

God bless you. If you would like more information regarding these issues or of ways for you to support the Sovereignty Movement in Israel, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Rev Anthony Abma | CEO

Return O' Israel

p: +1 (778) 885-7103 / Israel; +972 52 437 9624

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