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Israel First TV Programme 119 - Sovereignty For Israel Over Judea & Samaria - Sam Solomon

Updated: Sep 21, 2019

We are pleased to provide a link to Israel First TV as co-founder Martin Blackham interviews Return O’ Israel’s very own Chairman of the Advisory Board – Rabbi Sam Solomon. Israel First TV has been producing broadcasts since 2004. Their programs are aired every Friday on Angel TV via Satellite on the following channels: Australia, Far East, Hebrew, Portuguese, Spanish and America. It is also broadcast on CTN Big Bend TV45 Network, GLC and Israel TV Network.

Join Martin in this fast moving interview with Sam who relates his personal journey that led to his involvement in Jewish Sovereignty and of the partnership with Rev Anthony Abma to establish Return O’ Israel. Sam shares key points about Jewish Sovereignty and of how important this subject is for peace in Israel today.


Return O' Israel

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