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Compelled by Conscience - Biblical Activism

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

People in general get very nervous at the very mention of the word activism. However, if those same people were to just stop and consider how many world and social conditions have been affected by and changed by activism, they would no doubt see things in a very different light.

Various forms of activism has been used to end slavery, challenge dictatorships, protect workers from exploitation, protect the environment, promote equality and respect for women, oppose racism, and a host of other important issues. Not being ashamed to stand up for what is right and just, is a principal and virtue in society that must always be upheld. As the old adage states; …all that is necessary for evil to prevail – is that good people say or do nothing…

If ever there was a people group of the world where this message of cause and effect is supposed to be central, it is among those who are biblically based. Central to Torah and Rabbinical understanding is Tikkun Olam, translated as “repairing the world”. When allowed, the Jewish people have contributed much throughout history to raise and uphold moral standards. The respect of human rights for all nationalities, for women and children, is central to Torah. As the very foundation of the Judeao-Christian faith, Christians also support these Godly, biblical virtues.

The Rabbis, Popes, Pastors and Priests of the world are to be a vanguard to uphold these biblically based actions and behaviour. They along with their followers are to be proponents of God’s moral standard in the world, a buffer and extension of His voice against the evil forces of immorality and injustice.

History is replete with examples of people that exhibited an immense biblical influence within society. Telemachus, a Christian of the 5th Century is credited with turning the tables on the Roman Empire's vicious and wildly popular blood sport - the gladiatorial games. Another major biblical upheaval and correction of more recent history occurred in the racially discriminating society of the 19th Century. It was a fervent Christian, William Wilberforce who lobbied the British Parliament for years. His work culminated on July 26, 1833 with the passing of the Abolition of Slavery Act.

Living as a tangible effect of morality emanating from the light of Torah is something that Jews have long understood and practiced – without discrimination. For this reason the Christians in Israel are the most protected in the entire Middle East – except those under Palestinian Authority, where they suffered immensely under the failed Oslo Accords.

Unfortunately though, many Christians are confused and seem to have lost their “voice” when it comes to being a proponent of support and activism for the Jewish biblical covenants and rights to their full restoration and sovereignty. This is in spite of the historical covenants of God with Israel being an integral component of true biblical Christian faith.

The tenants of Christian faith arising out of both the Tanakh and the New Testament, in fact commands action and advocacy that supports Israel. In the face of rising global anti-Semitism and the onslaught of liberalism that seeks to deny Jewish rights, Christian support has never been more necessary. We as Christians must understand that what happens in Israel is not merely “political” - but Biblical.

A century ago, the activism of Christians like Lord Balfour, David Lloyd George and others, resulted in a miracle of redemption. The land of Israel was restored to the Jewish people. Sadly, a century has passed and full Jewish restoration is still not complete.

Anti-Semitism is rising and with it, pressure to compromise. We the Christians of 2019 must find our biblical voice today and echo the cry for complete Jewish restoration. The only “deal” worth supporting, is that which God Almighty made with Abraham. Complete Sovereignty in Israel is the only acceptable outcome that will bring peace and redemption.


Rev Anthony Abma

Return O’ Israel; Christians in Support of Jewish Sovereignty

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