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After A Long Dark Night of Covid - A New Day is Dawning

After a long dark night of Covid isolation, lockdowns and restrictions these past two years – I’m back! Thankfully there’s a glimmer of light and hope that this nightmare is nearly over. Countries around the world are dropping mandates and Israel will on March 1st open her borders to permit the entry of the unvaxed.

Like many of you, our world too was catastrophically affected which required drastic action. Activities, reports and blogs on Return O’ Israel were all suspended in June of 2020. In spite of this and the immeasurable trauma Jews in Israel suffered, one must never underestimate the indomitable Jew! With indescribable resolve, determination and commitment, their noble efforts of returning, living, reclaiming and resettling the land to which God declared they belong - continued.

As the first glimmer of normalcy lightens the horizon, I am compelled to break the silence by sharing with you some important videos.

Please take time to watch this recently released video clip from the Sovereignty Movement [The Land of Israel is yearning for Sovereignty - YouTube] highlighting the immense importance of Jewish Sovereignty in Israel like never before!

I also want to introduce you to my very good friend, Gedaliah Blum founder of Bikurim Hebrew for First Fruits. Gedalilah’s vision for Bikurim is that of an Economic Zionist revolution that is taking place in the Heartlands of Israel, Judea and Samaria. Watch as he introduces how this is happening; A Family Farm in the Jordan Valley Gets Support from Paul, a Bikurim "Partner" - YouTube

As Gedaliah has said; “…After 2000 years of exile and dreaming of returning to our ancestral land, we are finally back. Let’s all make sure we do whatever we can to make it last. To continue to replant our roots and re-establish the heart of Israel.

May God bless you,

Anthony Abma

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