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A Tribute to Shmuel (Sam) Solomon

With great sorrow of heart we received the news that our dear friend and Chairman of the Board of Return O’ Israel (ROI), Shmuel (Sam) Solomon was called to the bosom of Abraham on Tuesday, June 28th.

Those who knew Sam knew of the largess of his heart and the love he had to help as many as he possibly could.

You've left an amazing legacy Sam. Your burning passion to support and realize the vision of complete Jewish Sovereignty, especially within Jerusalem and on the Temple Mount along with supporting the IDF and a myriad of other NGO’s and projects – attest to your incredible passion and love for Eretz Yisrael.

Joining you in the Israeli Presidents house where I took this picture, attests to your drive for excellence. You will always occupy a very unique place in our hearts and memories as a very dear and special friend to Rivka and I. Your partnering with us in the vision to co-found ROI stands as one of our lives monumental achievements. We thank God for how He blessed and inspired us through His gifts in you.

Though we had to say goodbye as you left us early, with God's help we will continue the work He gave us to accomplish as a tribute to our shared vision and the immense importance of Jewish restoration as an integral part and shared biblical tenet.

Anthony & Rivka Abma

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