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Israel History Ulpan

Free Online Educational Series

Free Online Educational Series from "Becoming Israeli"

Deepen your knowledge of Israel's history. Fall in love with Israel even more.

Do you love Israel and want to deepen your understanding of the inspiring story of its establishment, survival, and great success?​
​Have you made aliyah, are planning to, or just simply feel a special connection to the Jewish state and want to learn more about the extraordinary history of its founding? ​Then Israel History Ulpan is for you! ​Greatly increase your knowledge of the modern state of Israel in 6 inspiring webinar-style classes...and experience your love for Israel grow even more!

What will you learn?

  1. The roots of early Zionism and how it grew out of the Jewish experience in the Diaspora.
  2. The struggles and incredible achievements of the early waves of Zionism as they transformed the land of Israel and prepared the way for the eventual establishment of the state.
  3. The process and challenges actually establishing the state, even after the Jews were promised one by the international community.
  4. The pivotal events that took place after the creation of the state and how they still continue to affect Israel today.
  5. Expand your awareness of the myriad of ways that, despite its many security challenges, Israel is not only surviving but thriving and leading the world in many important fields of science, medicine, ecology, and technology.


Declaration of Christian Support

This is My Land Free Download

Selected as one of the easiest to read and most comprehensive studies of this subject. Eli Hertz chronicles in amazing detail the facts of how the land of Israel was liberated and then became the Internationally recognized and undisputed homeland of the Jews.

I Am Israel Free Digital Download

I AM ISRAEL; An epic award-winning film produced by David Kiern about the land of the Bible and the people who call Israel home. Narrated by renowned Welsh actor John Rhys-Davies. 

Download your free digital copy today!

Declaration of Christian Support

In 10 Languages

An invitation to the Global Christian Community to show support for Israel! SIGN the International Declaration of Christian Support for Jewish Biblical and Indigenous Rights in Their Ancestral Homeland and forward to family and friends to help us get millions of signatures from around the world!

Share the Truth

An immense battle is raging in Israel between the Left/Liberal forces and the Jews who earnestly seek their full and complete Biblical restoration in Sovereignty. As Christians, our biblical duty is to support full and complete Jewish Sovereignty. Join ROI and help us get this important message out by sharing with your friends, family, and community by email and social media.

Sovereignty Newsletter

ROI is happy to bring to you, the ongoing newsletters produced & published directly from the Sovereignty Movement. We believe that this will bring you more into the loop about the future Redemption of Jews and Christians. Please read and share with your friends, family, and community. 

COVID-19 Crisis Care Center

Israel's once-thriving economy has been brought to a standstill. This crisis has inflicted Israel's citizens with terrible suffering.


Concerned and want to help? Here's how you can specifically help Israel's modern-day pioneers in Judea and Samaria.

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