Covid-19 Crisis Care Center

Israel's once-thriving economy has been brought to a standstill. This crisis has inflicted Israel's citizens with terrible suffering.


Concerned and want to help? Here's how you can specifically help Israel's modern-day pioneers in Judea and Samaria.

Contribute to the Covid-19 Crisis Care Center

The unique function of the CCCC is to match donors with individuals who specifically live on the front lines of Sovereignty in Judea and Samaria. These are Israel's modern-day pioneers who live in an area that is still under development. Consequently, the crisis is amplified for these residents who are suffering far greater hardships than those in the metropolitan areas of Israel.


Donate to the Covid-19 Crisis Care Center (CCCC) directly at ROI or through our partnership with Christian Friends of Israeli Communities (CFOIC ) as we seek to provide support and know-how to thousands of business owners with whom

we have a long-standing working relationship.


The joint project with CFOIC is to initiate education and training seminars for these business owners to move their business to an on-line “mall” thereby enabling them to get their products to market. You can support these important seminars through CFOIC  by connecting here;

Direct donations through ROI will provide the funds to help build the on-line portals as well as provide humanitarian support for basic needs that are normally covered by their now, non-existent sales and employment.


Under the CCCC project, ROI will also fund basic humanitarian aid including – but not limited to; assistance in paying rent or a mortgage; electrical and water services bills; purchase of food; computers for children in large families who are now forced into on-line education and do not have enough computers to learn from. Give today and support Sovereignty in Action!


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