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WATCH: The Soft Wars In Israel; Pt 1 of 3

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

In another gripping interview, Anthony teams up with Gilad Ach, a retired commander in the prestigious Golani Brigade. Having served on the front lines fighting the Arab Intifada in 2,000; the war with Lebanon and also in the Gaza War, Gilad shares how he turned his superb fighting skills to counter the new “soft wars” being fought in and against Israel.

Warning; If you were sickened by the terrorist fires set to burn Jewish forests, fields, and orchards - you may not want to hear the shocking truth about Palestinian Environmental Terrorism. Can’t disseminate between fake and true news? Learn the truth as Gilad shares the facts of Ad Kan’s undercover espionage that exposes the Palestinian Media War to de-legitimize Israel directed by the Palestinian Authority – and sponsored by the International community!

The only lasting solution to stop these "soft wars" in Israel is full Israeli Sovereignty.

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