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WATCH: Jewish Girl's Bedroom Struck by Islamic Jihad Rocket from Gaza.

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

Under Attack: Israel suffered another barrage of rocket attacks. Schools and businesses in the Tel Aviv and surrounding area are closed. Rockets were filmed exploding near busy roads. One slammed into an apartment in Nitivovt, a community just a couple of miles from the Gaza border. Thank God that one was injured or killed. We’re thankful that Gedaliah Blum was willing to endure great risks to visit the apartment where a rocket exploded and bring this incredible video.

But the question we should all be asking - as Gedaliah does; Is when will this insanity and senseless terror and killing stop? Sadly, as the complete abandonment of the Jewish settlement of Gush Katif in Gaza proved, Hamas is only interested in one thing; Israel’s destruction.

There is only one solution. A reply that will secure Israel’s borders – and that solution is Sovereignty! Help us end this vicious cycle by supporting the Sovereignty Movement.

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