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Time To Stop Feeding The Crocodiles

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

A rare phenomenon took place in Israel few days ago. Mohammed Saud, a law student from the University of Riyadh, a Saudi national and popular blogger visited Israel on the invitation of the Foreign Ministry. Saud even ascended the Temple Mount. Doing so, he not only endured threats and vulgarities, but was spit on and had chairs thrown at him. This was done – not by Jews – but by fellows Arabs! The Summit in Bahrain held a few weeks earlier was attended by Palestinian businessmen who defied Ramallah’s orders not to go. They joined Israeli and other Arabs businessmen at great personal risk. Several were promptly arrested by the PA authorities upon their return.

Seeing Arab’s and Palestinians willing to take great personal risks to show support with and for Israel, is evidence of the changes that are taking place in the Middle East. They are acting on the reality that many Palestinians and Arabs want - Israeli sovereignty and the better life that is assured.

Tragically though, a large number of Jews both in and outside of Israel fail to see the prosperity, security and peace that these Arabs know Jewish Sovereignty will provide. These liberal Jews are stuck in a mindset of illogical and futile appeasement. Some have even embraced and are partnering with anti-Semitic Arab organizations, blindly thinking that supporting BDS and 2-States is the way to peace. The failed Oslo Accords have proven how tragically wrong that mindset is. Their vision is blurred to the realities around them making them unable to capitalize on these major changes that will benefit Arabs, Jews – and the world.

Appeasement is not only nearsighted, but dangerously addicting. It induces short-term “high” that provides the justification of ignoring the consequences that future generations must face. The intoxication of appeasement has blinded even some of the most senior Israeli officials. Prime Minister Netanyahu famously stated in February “There won't be another mosque on the Temple Mount” in response to the Palestinian attempts of reopening the Mercy Gate compound as a Mosque. After weeks of protests - the PM caved. The Israeli High Court of Justice recently admitted in a court case filed by Regavim; “that while it is fully aware that the Muslim Waqf on the Temple Mount has illegally turned the Mercy Gate area into a mosque, it is opposed to its closure.

Time for a quick fact check; How many mosques were on the Temple Mount following the Six-Day War of 1967? Answer; only one - the Al-Aqsa mosque. Fifty two years later the latest Mercy Gate Mosque brings that total to five. What is that – if it isn’t appeasement?

Everything about Jewish management of the Temple Mount absurdly favours Arabs. No one but Arabs can pray there. Jews who do and are arrested are typically slapped with a 6 month ban from ascending the Temple Mount. Wonder what happened to the renegades that assaulted and harassed Mohammad Saud on the Temple Mount? A mere 15 day suspension from entering the Temple Mount. Where is the legal jurisprudence in that? Physical assault is obviously deemed less dangerous than prayer.

All of this brings to mind an eerily similar scene that was unfolding in pre-war WW2 Europe. Though Nazi Germany’s evil dictator made little attempt to hide his imperialistic intentions, little was done to stop him. On the contrary, American Ambassador Joseph Kennedy supported British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain in the “peace” pact made with Hitler that fall. “Sensible diplomacy” was the mantra of the day and the pariah Churchill - a mere “drunk and warmonger”.

The tables suddenly changed. The newly elected Prime Minister Churchill captured this failed logic and the appeasement of the 3rd Reich which the “neutral” States had also succumbed to, in a powerful allegory within his famous speech, "The War Situation: House Of Many Mansions" broadcast on 20 January 1940;

“…They bow humbly and in fear to German threats of violence, comforting themselves meanwhile with the thought that the Allies will win…Each one hopes that if he feeds the crocodile enough, the crocodile will eat him last. All of them hope that the storm will pass before their turn comes to be devoured. But I fear-I fear greatly-the storm will not pass. It will rage and it will roar, ever more loudly, ever more widely.”

How much better the world would have been to have united and acted early to contain the evil dictator – not to mention the many others that have followed.

Israeli’s are heading to the election polls again in another few weeks. The foolhardy and illogical chants of; “Let’s end the occupation” are already beginning to beat. This only feeds the lethal “crocodiles” who govern Hamas-Stan and Ramallah-Iran and are completely intent on destroying the Jewish nation. Not even the “righteous” Arabs among them deserve that. History has proven that the only way to deal with evil – is to contain it - so it cannot harm others.

As a Christian whose bible is unequivocally founded on a fully restored and Sovereign Jewish State, I write to urge the “right” in Israel to unite to defeat this failed ideology of appeasement. Only when Israel is ready to save herself, will the peace and security we all desire be realized.

And to my other Christian, bible-believing friends, me must do our part and show our support for the biblical right in Israel. After all, our common redemption is depending upon it!

Rev Anthony Abma

CEO - Return O’ Israel

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