The Rev & the Rabbi: Overcoming Centuries of Church Persecution & Antisemitism

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

Behind the Scenes Cont’d – Pt 2 of 3; The Rev & the Rabbi: Overcoming Centuries of Church Persecution and Antisemitism.

The Jewish people were unfortunately persecuted for centuries by a wayward Church. Justifiably, their fears and suspicions abound until this very day. But Israel’s rising and restoration is part of the promises of God that true, sincere Christians around the world are returning to as the foundation of their faith.

Hear the Rev and the Rabbi discuss the New Day of Redemption that is dawning and how it is drawing Christians and Jews together in an unparalleled manner! Catch the wave and be part of this incredible prophetic momentum. Christians are recognizing their God-given part in God’s promise to restore our Jewish Brothers and Sisters in full Sovereignty - the essential component of Redemption’s dawn today. ---------

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