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The Raging Battle: Pray for Israel’s Restoration In Sovereignty

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

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Minister of Diaspora Affairs, MK Tzipi Hotovely conducted of a “Zoom” meeting (in Hebrew) in which she spoke to a group of representatives from the Sovereignty Youth Movement.

Hotovely commented on the immense changes that have taken place in the Israeli public consciousness. Scarcely a decade ago it was unheard of for anyone to even present a right-wing program – much less an agenda or proposal of complete Jewish Sovereignty.

Thankfully, the day has arrived where the realization of Israeli Sovereignty is now a major subject within the political agenda of Likud. A feat accomplished by the continued advocacy activity - like that of Sovereignty Youth.

MK Hotovely, a staunch supporter of complete Jewish Sovereignty, expressed her commitment to realize that vision during the current political window. It’s an opportunity made possible by the fact that the most “Pro-Israel” American President in history is currently in office, combined with his “Deal of the Century”. Unfortunately, the time is short now with US elections coming up this fall.

Addressing the “Deal”, Hotovely stated that while “…we believe that there are some very good components in this plan, like the fact that the Palestinian right of return does not exist, united Jerusalem will remain under Israeli sovereignty, and that all Israeli communities in Judea and Samaria will be under Israeli sovereignty…” she admitted that the paragraphs addressing the establishment of a Palestinian state, concern her greatly.

MK Hotovely asserts that Israel is not obligated to the plan - as it is nothing more than an American proposal. According to Hotovely, included in the understandings reached with the Americans regarding their “Peace Plan”, is the fact that Israel will not adopt the plan in its present form. She went on to express her concerns;“We are opposed to a Palestinian state and we will do everything to ensure that Sovereignty will be part of the fundamental guidelines of the government; Sovereignty, yes, Palestinian state, no.”

Minister Hotovely added, in regards to the current coalition negotiations, the Blue and White party has thankfully not raised any demand that the program be adopted verbatim. The Likud party has also demanded the freedom to vote one’s conscience in this matter. The reason, Hotovely explained, is the assumption that the right wing majority within the government - will lead to ratification of Sovereignty. Once achieved, it will be possible to bring before the Knesset for ratification.

According to Hotovely, it is clear to the Blue and White party too that the issue of Sovereignty is a “red line” in their negotiations with the Likud Party. Their refusal to meet this demand will undoubtedly lead to an additional round of elections - which no one is interested in. In her opinion, the demand of freedom to vote is legitimate and reasonable - as there is no demand that the Blue and White party vote in favor of that step.

The joint broadcast with MK Hotovely concluded with the following comments by Yehudit Katsover and Nadia Matar. They warned of the danger that the Trump plan includes the establishment of a Palestinian state on 70% of the territory in Judea and Samaria. It is a point that the Sovereignty Movement will oppose in every possible way they said; “Just as we opposed the Oslo Accords, and they were stopped, to our chagrin, a bit too late, we must not lose what is in our possession. We will state explicitly that the Trump plan is a bad one. No to the Trump plan. Yes to true Zionist sovereignty.”

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