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The New Generation

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

An indisputable “sign” leading up to the coming Messiah in Israel, is that of changes taking place within the generation of that era. One of those characteristics identified by the Prophet Malachi is that of the “children returning to the faith of their fathers…”.

Nothing epitomizes the faith of the Jewish Patriarchs and the first generation of Jews under Joshua's leadership who entered the promised land, than their faith in action to possess the land promised to them by God. Their’s was a vision of full possession and Sovereignty.

How astounding it is then to witness a generation of youth in Israel who are rising on the scene and are motivated to change the stagnation and impasse that has hindered full Jewish restoration. This is a generation that has suffered terribly from the terror that the liberal policies of the failed Oslo Accords forced upon them.

In partnership with Yehudit and Nadia of the Ribonut / Sovereignty movement in Israel, Return O’ Israel is excited to share with you the 2nd Youth Conference For Sovereignty. Hundreds of youth from across Israel will meet in the Bar Ilan University on Thursday, June 13. An impressive array of speakers, Rabbis and MKs are lined up to offer their wisdom, advice and motivation, including special guest Bassam Eid, an Israeli, Palestinian Arab Human Rights Activist that will address the benefits of Israeli Sovereignty from a Palestinian Arab point of view.

CLICK HERE to see the full list of speakers.

As important as a Conference like this is, it will be essential to follow up with additional support in order to capitalize on the momentum and extend it into tangible results. Return O’ IsraelChristians in support of Sovereignty invites you to join us as we support the Ribonut Youth and the Ribonut Movement in their goal for full Jewish restoration and Sovereignty.

Rev Anthony Abma

Return O’ Israel; Christians in Support of Jewish Sovereignty

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