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The Dawning Of The Great Day Of Redemption

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

No place on earth is as central to the Bible as the land of Israel and the Jewish people for whom it is their ancestral homeland. But for many bible believing Christians, the people of the bible are an enigma. Among many traditional Christians – the Jews are merely a relic of history, replaced by the church and scripturally irrelevant.

For most Evangelicals, the Jews return to Israel was a marvelous “signpost” – a vindication to their theology that the “end” is imminent and of their sudden escape from the tribulation that follows. Both counts however, mask a self-centeredness that fails to realize the deeper spiritual purpose and commonality in redemption of both Jews and Christians.

There never was a dichotomy between the land of Israel and the people to whom it was given. The biblical narrative is that of Christian believers inseparable connection to love the people of the Bible - and to support their God-given rights in their land. But deep are most Christians connection with the chosen, covenanted people of Israel? Does it exist merely in theory, is there only ambivalence for their cause - or are we expressing and putting our faith in action?

Upon closer examination we find a secret, deeper spiritual purpose hidden within the pages of Holy writ. This is embedded within the accounts of the Gentile women of faith, such as Rahab - and especially the wonderful story of redemption as it unfolds in the life of Ruth.

Ruth’s legacy was of self-sacrifice and utter abandonment as she came to the aid of Naomi. Through this she earned her place as not only the heroine, she goes on to become the matriarch of a King.

This beautiful story of redemption alludes to a future time when other “Gentiles” too will demonstrate more than “lip-service”. Of a people who will extend themselves on behalf of another figurative “Naomi”, who is engaged in the mortal struggle of ascent in being restored within their ancestral homeland.

This is that day – the dawning of the great day of Redemption as seen on so many accounts. A significant sign being, that finally, after 70+ years of floundering in fear, afraid to attain to her God-given potentials, Israel is breaking free from the shackles of the past. The newly formed Unity Government is pledging to apply its Sovereignty and annex much of the biblical heartland of Israel in Judea and Samaria.

Credit for this goes directly to the strength of Christian support for Israel which helped to elect the most pro-Israel President the United States has ever had. But it’s also a time of opposition. That’s why Christians from around the globe must rise in a single, unified voice of unwavering support for Israel’s restoration.

Israel’s complete restoration is of vital interest to Christians as it fulfills an essential prophetic step necessary to welcome the Messiah in Jerusalem. That should move every Christian into action on behalf of the Chosen in Israel!

There are many ways Christians can show support – first by prayer. Then publicly by letting elected officials know what is important to you; among the various media outlets and also by signing the Christian Declaration of Support for Israel as found on our website - translated into 10 langurages at:

May God bless you richly,

Rev Anthony Abma

CEO of Return O’ Israel

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