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Soft Wars; Exposing the Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing: Pt 2 of 3

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

The greatest deception is when that which appears noble or to be “truth” – isn’t. So what are the honorable sounding organizations like Rabbis For Human Rights or B’Tselem - The Israeli Information Center For Human Rights or even the world renown Christian organization of World Vision - really doing in Israel?

Find out as Anthony interviews Gilad in this gripping 2nd session of the “Soft War” being fought against Israel. Discovery 1st hand how Ad Kan exposes these organizations for who they truly are - Wolves in sheep’s clothing as the malicious, devious new face of anti-Semitism. Learn the shocking truth of how Palestinian Arabs are suffering torture and death – at the hands of Arabs - as a result.

If ever there was a time that Israel needed to assert herself with full Jewish Sovereignty, it is now! Not only to protect Jewish citizens – but Arabs too who will fare far better with autonomy under Israeli Sovereignty.

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