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ROI 2-Part Series with the Shalom Jerusalem Foundation

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

Return O’ Israel interviews Rabbi Yehuda Glick, former MK and now founder of the Shalom Jerusalem Foundation along with his CEO, Uri Banks.

This 2-part video series explains the process of redemption that is unfolding – and what the amazing results are.

You’ll also hear 1st hand about Rabbi Glick’s miraculous survival of an assassination attempt – 4 bullets at point-blank range!

In this first video, Uri Banks talks about some of the roots of the Sovereignty movement; he goes on to explain how people once thought that those striving for Jewish Sovereignty were delusional. Hear what’s transpired and how that today - the complete opposite is true! Anything else BUT Jews attaining to complete Sovereignty is delusional and completely out of the question.

Get inspired – and join the growing movement in Israel - and around the world!

In this second video:

The Jewish people have come home! This is a clear sign that the redemption process of the world has entered it’s final stages. Join Return O’ Israel for part 2 of the video interview with Rabbi Yehuda Glick, former MK and now founder of Shalom Jerusalem Foundation. Rabbi Glick expounds on the biblical process of redemption that is currently unfolding through Sovereignty in Israel.

Rabbi Glick also tells how he was numbered among some of first Jews of the modern era who risked ascending the Temple Mount back in the early 1980’s. From those small beginnings when mere 100’s would ascend annually, over 50,000 Jews ascended in 2018 joined by over 670,000 non-Muslim tourists (aka: Christians) in 2018!

Not only hear how God is moving upon His people in this season of redemption – but become a participant by supporting Jewish Sovereignty in restoration.


Return O' Israel


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