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Deal of the Century…or Deal of Eternity

Letter to President Trump:

May 16, 2019

Dear Mr. President Trump,

In a few weeks the proposed “Deal of the Century”, drafted by your representatives, is supposed to be made public. Your great efforts to resolve the issues in Israel that will bring peace to the region are indeed appreciated. However, on behalf of Zionist Christians worldwide, whose faith rests in the promises and commands of the God of the Bible for both Jews and Christians, I respectfully suggest the following;

That you would Mr. President, respect and honour the “Deal of Eternity” that was made thousands of years ago. It is a “deal” that will endure forever as a constitutional legacy of an unchanging and eternal God. God gave the land of Israel to one people – and one people alone - forever. That is a “deal”, respectfully Mr. President, that we as mere mortals can never hope to improve upon.

May I also respectfully remind you Mr. President, that to force a compromise upon Israel that in any way invalidates the terms of that original “deal” made by the God of Creation, will seriously risk forfeiting the blessing of God upon the United States of America as per His own words as recorded in Gen 12:3

And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed. [Genesis 12:3]

Rather Mr. President, after celebrating 71 years of Israeli Independence, it is time to create the opportunity for Israel to prove that they can indeed settle their own internal affairs in a fair and secure manner, to live in security and freedom in their God-given land.

My humble suggestion is that instead of submitting the proposed “deal”, you would once again exercise the great international leadership that you have demonstrated on numerous counts. You can Mr. President, set another Godly example by acknowledging the Biblical promises of God to Israel and their God-given sovereignty over their entire nation. Instead of submitting a Deal of the Century, support the Deal of Eternity and allow the elected government of Israel to work out its own internal matters – just as every other nation on earth is allowed to do.

Our mandate as Christians is to acknowledge and support God’s promises to Israel. When the Nation of Israel is fully restored as a Sovereign State, the long awaited redemption for Jews and Christians, will be finally realized.

Most Respectfully,

Return O’ Israel;

Christians In Support Of Jewish Sovereignty

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