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Tours in Israel? Where Most Won't Go | Part 1/3

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

Join Anthony and Aaron Lipkin who is a leading tour operator in Samaria as they discuss Holy Land Tours to Israel. Find out a shocking truth – of what most Tours in Israel will never tell you and where most never take people to!

Listen as Aaron tells his gripping personal account of how he grew up as a Jew born and raised in the American mid-west, and how his life was radically transformed by the spiritual experience of just one trip to Israel. So profound was this momentous occasion, Aaron’s path of life was completely rearranged. Hear Aaron recount how this experience caused him to discover his true mission in life - bringing people to Israel to connect with the Bible in a deeper spiritual manner.

Equip yourself with the shocking truth about “tours” in Israel – and learn how your next tour in Israel can be a truly transforming experience. You won't want to miss the in-depth discussion Anthony and Aaron have about what brings Jews and Christians together and of an important message that all Christians must hear – and act upon.

About Aaron Lipkin

Born and raised in Israel. Aaron has been working in tourism since 1997, bringing thousands of tourists to Israel. After studying the history of Judea and Samaria, Aaron decided it was time to arrange tours to Israel "the right way".

Avoiding important places like Hebron, Beth El, Shiloh and Mt. Ebal is not an option for Lipkin Tours. Aaron also understood that Israel is not just a "Biblical super power" but also is a leading expert in fields such as agriculture, medicine and high tech industry. This caused Aaron to add professional and educational tours as well.

Aaron is also active in promoting interfaith dialogue between Jews and Christians as he travels and speaks to both Jewish and Christian audiences.

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