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Jews & Christians | Finding Common Ground

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

Anthony Abma of Return O' Israel sits down with media producer and social media fighter for Israel, Ezri Tubi of Boomerang, a unique non-profit organization whose message is unapologetic and focused on Judea and Samaria.

Christian support for Jews within Judea and Samaria is only the beginning of something historical. Despite some Jews within Judea and Samaria preferring that Christians keep their distance because of a dark history of pogroms and antisemitism, there are more Jews who are inviting the Christians to move closer towards Israel.

Ezri Tubi opens up about his acceptance of Christian friendship and support and that today, he believes that the bonds come from the religious people.

Its up to the religious people to do what hasn't been done, which is to connect and to bring the redemption. The Jewish people also understand that it is their responsibility to create a house of prayer for all nations.

You can connect and follow Ezri Tubi from Boomerang HERE

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I would like to participate in your project,”Return O’ Israel.Advise me how I can do this.Iam Christian here in Livingstone,Zambia.

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