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Jerusalem Day Reunification Overcomes Rejection

Thousands thronged the streets of Jerusalem on June 2nd for the annual Jerusalem Day Flag March. It’s a joyous time to commemorate the miracle achieved in the Six Day War of 1967 when Jewish forces finally liberated the City of Jerusalem from foreign hands, after 2,000 years.

This year’s March was a victory of even greater proportions as it was also a celebration over the Jewish Leftist/Liberal organization, Ir Amim. They had brought a petition before the Supreme Court to stop the Jerusalem Day March entirely – their reason - to avoid upsetting Muslims during the Ramadan holiday.

Vastly outnumbered by the Leftist opponents in court on May 15th, representatives of Return O’ Israel were the only Christians on hand to join a few other Jewish faithful in support of the rebuttal/appeal against Ir Amim’s petition. As Attorney Nati Rom told Arutz Sheva at the High Court of Justice afterwards; “We need to protect the rights of Jews to march with the flag of Israel in the streets of the holy city and the Old City of Jerusalem.” [1]

Later that week, the Panel of Judges ruled[2] in favor of the organizers, Am Kalavi and delivered a verdict that the Jerusalem March would proceed unhindered, simultaneously awarding NIS 10K in costs to the defendants.

The zeal and patriotism of the youth of Israel is clearly evident as they came out in massive numbers for the Jerusalem Day Celebrations. See photos and the following video from Arutz 7 that proves the changing generational demographics in Israel today. []

Featured on Return O’ Israel are scores of youth singing in the Old City of Jerusalem; “Let the Temple be restored; Let Zion be refilled;” []

In our last blog, I referred to an outstanding phenomena taking place within Israel regarding the new generation of young people that are rising in Israel. Their participation in the Jerusalem Day Celebrations and the upcoming 2nd only Sovereignty Conference on June 13th, are indicators of the inspiration of this growing segment of Jewish society. This generation of youth are rejecting the failed “peace gambits” of their predecessors and are embracing the sovereignty of the Jewish State over all its territories as their biblical rights and the solution to lasting peace.

But as Ir Amim’s petition to stop the Jerusalem Day March proves – there is a battle of epic proportions going on in Israel today to thwart and prevent full Jewish restoration. Make no mistake about it - the “head” of the anti-Jewish BDS movement is not in Brussels or even in Cairo or Tehran, but is found within Israel itself!

Join Return O’ Israel and help us support the Jews in Israel who are longing to return to their full and complete restoration and sovereignty that will ultimately lead to redemption.

Contact us to find out more of how you can make a difference.

Rev Anthony Abma

Return O’ Israel

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