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Israel First TV Programme 125 – Fighting For Israel – Gedaliah Blum

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

We once again want to express our thanks to Martin and Natalie Blackham of Israel First TV for sharing another incredible interview – this time a recording with Gedaliah Blum, friend, co-producer and marketing specialist with Return O’ Israel.

Among many other things described in this interview, Gedaliah shares his life-transforming experience encountered on his first trip to Israel with the Jewish Organization, Birthright. In the 15 years since making Aliyah from the United States, Gedaliah has honed his many talents and other skills to make deep, meaningful contributions to Israeli society and life that is literally benefiting thousands in Israel.

ROI is extremely honored to share this video with you and for the privilege of having Gedaliah’s contribution of his time and expertise to help promote Jewish Sovereignty.

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