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Israel Election: Dathan & Korah – Or Hannah’s Vision?

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

Published on Israel National News; Dec 10, 2019;

A dismal affair is playing out on the political stage of Israel as the nation braces for a possible third and unprecedented election in a single year. Some are wringing their hands deliciously at the prospects of Malech Bibi’s demise. Others see it as a conspiracy, an attack on a respected leader and the moral breakdown of respected offices. The rest – confused and weary.

So what’s really happening at a deeper level? Is this a rebellion or uprising akin to Dathan and Korah railing against a respected leader? Or is there something more profound that we must look deeper at to recognize this as a possible season of transition? Is this a time in which the people of Israel are to unite in travail of soul - like Hannah of old when she sought God – not just for a child - but of a deeper desperation for a man who would unite and lead the people out of the morass of decay and blind leadership?

I’m writing out of a shared pain and frustration, out of the grief that this should not be happening in Israel; with a desire and conviction that God’s people are capable of much better. You proved to the world your incredible determination and will to live as you clawed your way back from the ashes and near extinction of the Shoah in Europe. The world stood by in awe as millions of Jews scattered abroad in the diaspora returned home to build a nation and become a family once again. What other nation is even close to being the juggernaut of scientific and technological success you are…not to mention the honour of your many Nobel and Laureate achievements.

But what use is an “iron-dome” - when missiles of bitterness destroy the unity of the family? Or a “MobileEye” for discerning the way before - when the eyes of faith are blinded by a lack of vision and respect for the faithful? Or the algorithms to solve and drive complex technologies - and yet are unable to decipher and muster a simple unity with family next door?

Was Parashat Toldot that recently passed, just a mere reminder - or a prophetic cue of todays twins within the womb of the Zionist mother whose offspring should rightfully be heirs to Eretz Yisrael – but instead are on the verge of a civil and spiritual war?

Dathan and Korah’s failed coup was inspired by selfish motives. They proved their narrow mindedness and lack of understanding about the unity of the family that they were mocking and desecrating. Dathan and Korah had nothing to offer the family. As we reflect upon this break in the journey and the tragedy that unfolded, let us not miss the silver lining. As devastating as it was, this was a necessary juncture, a vital step in the craft of nation-building enroute to a unity unparalleled in the history of the Jewish people. Shocking events have a way of bringing out the good…

Being the meekest man that Moses was, he could only do one thing – step aside and let God vindicate His chosen messenger. Because one cut of the cloth of true leadership does not force upon the people the issue of one’s own personal achievements or agenda. Moses did not have to remind the nation of who had led them out of Egypt or through the Sea. He understood that he was merely a servant, an unworthy vessel to bring about G_d’s plan of redemption.

The sweet epilogue to this tragic story was the T’shuva of Korah’s sons Asir, Elkanah and Aviasaf who had first joined their father in the rebellion. They repented and were not only spared a tragic end, but went on to join the choir in the Temple and write amazing Psalms of praise that have inspired countless millions to this very day. Another secret of this was that as a result of their humility, they would become the very progenitors of a new breed of leader – Samuel, who was born from their lineage.

May this political confusion and paralysis give way to a greater light. May the light of humility and wisdom from Jerusalem shine into a world that has in many ways succumbed to darkness and lost its moral and spiritual compass.

Rev Anthony Abma

Return O' Israel

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