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Inspiring Images in a Dismal World of Crisis

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

As the global pandemic wreaks havoc across the globe, we bring you some unique bright spots from of Israel during this gloomy ordeal. Though Israel is often cast in a disparaging light regarding Arab relations, the realities of peaceful co-existence is seldom heard.

It with pleasure we share some recent posts that also serve to confirm the previous articles about Sheikh Tamimi and the reality of positive Jewish / Arab relations.

On March 18th, the news service carried the following story;

Coronavirus Crisis Brings Israel and Arab World Together - at Least Online

Pictured above are three Israeli Foreign Ministry employees featured in the message of solidarity sent to Arab countries amid the coronavirus crisis.

The Arabic-language text read, “This is a message to you from Israel: We pray to Allah to protect the inhabitants of Arab countries. The coronavirus that is spreading intensely in the world these days - knows no borders, religions, and nationalities…We are all human beings; we are all brothers.” The post was viewed by approximately four million people across the Islamic world. Though not all replies were kind, the following responses were amazing!

A user from Iran wrote: “…what a beautiful message of solidarity and peace.”

An Iraqi user posted, “Our hearts are with Israel and the world at large, in all its diversity, religions, and beliefs, to defeat this virus together.”

A woman from Morocco wrote; “May Allah preserve everyone. Humanitarianism first and foremost. Perfect health to all the sick.”

A Saudi Arabian user said; “Beautiful behavior, good neighborliness, love and the spread of peace are the way to heaven.”

Other messages included, “A thousand congratulations to our cousins, and thanks” and “Long live Arab-Israeli brotherhood, we long for health and peace for all.”

Another inspiring moment in the dismal coronavirus ordeal was carried by CNN in Israel on March 26th. It featured the unique break of two paramedics Avraham Mintz a Jew and Zoher Abu Jama, an Arab who are employed by the Magen David Adom (MDA), Israel's emergency response service.

Muslim and Jewish paramedics pause to pray together

Across Israel, MDA teams have fielded 100,000 calls on peak days, more than 10 times their normal volume, according to Zaki Heller, a MDA spokesman. Mintz and Abu Jama too had a very busy day recently and as evening approached, they took their only break of the shift - to pray. Mintz, a religious Jew, stood facing Jerusalem, his white and black prayer shawl hanging off his shoulders. Abu Jama, an observant Muslim, knelt facing Mecca, his maroon and white prayer rug unfurled underneath him.

For the two paramedics, who routinely work together two or three times a week, the joint prayer was nothing new. But in the midst of the global coronavirus pandemic, the image of their joint prayers became an inspiring image of hope for many.

Mintz told CNN, “What Zoher and I along with most of the world understand – is that we have to raise our heads and pray. That's all that's left…"

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