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“Ground Zero” for Israeli Sovereignty & Global Redemption.

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

Welcome to the most hotly contested acreage in the world! The heart and soul of not only ancient Jerusalem – but the Jewish people is the Temple Mt. This is uncontested “ground zero” for Israeli Sovereignty and global redemption.

Never been on the Temple Mt? Wondered what’s up there – how safe or dangerous? What does it mean for Jews and non-Jews to ascend to the very place where the presence of God dwelt – and promised to return?

Join Michael Miller, tour guide for the Temple Mount Heritage Foundation for an incredible tour of the most incredible and sacred place on the Planet!!

About Michael Miller

Michael currently resides in Jerusalem, is a Temple Mount Guide through the Temple Mount Heritage Foundation and Activist in the “Students for the Temple Mount” movement. Additionally, he co-manages the famous social media Israel Advocacy Facebook page called Boomerang – Fighting for Israel as well as writes Op-Eds (or you can say opinion editorials) once in a while for The Jerusalem Herald.

Arrange a tour with Michael Miller by connecting on Facebook HERE


Return O' Israel


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