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From Samaria to Washington and Back - The Trump Peace Plan

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

The Trump Peace Plan has unleashed incredible forces - which in the aftermath has resulted in many jockeying to enforce their position.

What does this mean for the residents of the Biblical Heartland of Samaria? Find out as we bring you an exclusive interview with Chen Ben-Lulu – the right-hand man of Mayor and Head of the Shomron Regional Council – Yossi Dagan, who were just in the Washington D.C. a few days ago. PART 1

PART 2 Chen Ben-lulu: Eliminating all the ignorance surrounding Judea & Samaria As we know - there are a LOT of arm-chair quarterbacks out there who know absolutely NOTHING about the realities on the ground in Israel.

These people profess to be experts about the Jewish / Arab relations; They give their advice on how things should be handled and how they think the problems will be solved – Though most of these people have NEVER even been to Israel to see the peaceful co-existence that ACTUALLY exists.


The major factor of any previous Peace Deal that was ever presented to Israel and the Arabs, was largely about how to appease the Arabs. What do they want; what will they get; what will THEY have to do?

Chen explains the difference is in the Trump Plan regarding the Arabs than any previous plan presented before it.


Return O' Israel


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