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From Norway with Love

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

The truth is finally getting out! Exposing the lies, fake news and misinformation about the conflict in Israel is finally going mainstream – in Norway, the bastion of the failed Oslo Palestinian Peace Accord.

Join Bjarte Bjellås of MIFF – With Israel for Peace, and find out why Europe’s largest non-religious pro-Israel membership organization with over 11K members is in one of Europe’s most left-leaning, anti-Israel governments in Europe!! What were Norwegians were fed up with? Bias news reporting about Israel!

Listen as Bjarte shares with Gedaliah what made MIFF an almost overnight success with even Muslims and atheists joining a host of Christians in supporting Israel. Then download your free copy of the points of a publication that MIFF sent to millions of homes throughout Norway – and share this with your friends and neighbors as a way to support Israel’s rights as a sovereign nation.

Connect with Bjarte Bjellås

Journalist at Med Israel for fred


Return O' Israel



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