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Election Review: The Basic Facts Of Any Israeli Election

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

Left, Right, Blue & White, Haredim, Shaas – and Arabs partners with a Jewish party? Are you trying to make sense of Israel’s election? You’re certainly not alone. It doesn’t help that Israel’s election landscape is unlike any in the world with so many parties’ vying for positions. What makes matters worse is the plethora of views and opinions that only serves to confuse the matter more.

While many Christians show support for Israel and her Jewish citizens in various ways, Return O’ Israel is the only Christian Ministry service that has come out front and center in support of full Jewish Sovereignty. We are also the only Christian entity that has publically partnered with the Ribonut - Sovereignty Movement in Israel that is headed up by Yehudit Katsover and Nadia Matar. That’s why the views expressed on our website and in our emails, tell a story unlike any other Christian ministry.

Our work not only support the various efforts promoting Sovereignty, but to unashamedly expose the truth of how the liberals in Israel are undermining and eroding Jewish biblical identity. There is a “spiritual civil war” playing out in Israel today that should cause Christians great alarm and concern. That is because Christians are inseparably linked with our Jewish counterparts by being established upon the same biblical foundation. The Apostle Paul even wrote to the Gentile Christian believers in Rome [Rom 15:27] of the Christians duty to support the Jews. The failure of bible believing Christians to recognize and support the Jews inalienable right to her full restoration in Sovereignty - would be an unconscionable sin.

To help Christians sift through the muddied waters of opinions and fake news regarding the ongoing political diatribe, Return O’ IsraelChristians In Support of Jewish Sovereignty will devote the next few weeks to help disseminate the facts and present solid, biblical conclusions. We are able to do that because our views are based on true, unbiased facts which correspond to the biblical narrative that recognizes and respects the Jews inalienable rights to their land. Also included are suggestions of how to pray for biblically sanctioned results.

In this article we focus on the irreconcilable recommendation by the Joint List of Arab parties that voted to support the Blue & White Party leader, Benny Gantz. These are the same Arabs who reject the national, democratic government of Israel; who glorify terrorists that murder Israel soldiers and their citizens. The Arab MK’s in Israel will only be satisfied with an Arab State in “Palestine”. Arab MK Ahmed Tibi proved this when in a publicized conference [PalWatch Video link:] and when he said to President Rivlin: “We own this land; "We did not immigrate here, we were born here, we are a native population."

So what unconscionable, morose Israeli Party would be ever accept the Arab support? Only one kind; a liberal, left leaning party void of biblical principles that favors a “2-state” division of the land. No human has the right to divide and “give away” property that God Himself has entrusted to a person or people. This is precisely why complete Jewish Sovereignty in Israel is so important, and requires our Christian support!

The only other time in Israel’s history where Arab MK’s threw their support behind a Jewish party, was 27 years ago when they Arab vote helped elect Yitzhak Rabin in 1992. Israel paid dearly for that unholy alliance as Rabin not only allowed the arch-terrorist Yasser Arafat’s return from exile in Tunisia, but went on to sign the Oslo Accords with him the following year. And that resulted in reign of hostilities, war and terror that has spanned nearly 3 decades.

Here are some important points to pray about at this time;

- For faithful leadership to rise up who will be true to the Bible [Prov 29:4]

- To stem the tide of liberal, secularism causing Jews to abandon the foundation of the

nation and the very reason of their existence. [Isa 59:19]

- That the counsel of the ungodly will fail; [Num 10:35; Psalm 1:1; Psalm 68:1-3;]

Please add to your prayer list, the support and wisdom we need so that we can be even more effective in spreading the truth. You can also help us get this message out to more Christians by forwarding and informing people to join us and take a part in standing with Yehudit and Nadia and all those in Israel who are longing and fighting for their full restoration in Sovereignty.

Sincerely, Rev Anthony Abma

Return O’ Israel

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