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Does the Sovereignty Movement Oppose Sovereignty?

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

Published on Israel National News; April 26, 2010;

Bible believing Christians around the world must stand in solidarity with the Jews in Israel who need our support at this important juncture of time as they stand upon their rights.

The clock is running out on being able to capitalize on the goodwill of the most Pro-Israel US Administration in history. But there is another “fly in the ointment” to contend with – the details within the Peace Plan that the President is promoting.

Two factions on the “Right” side of the political spectrum are facing off in a scrimmage that some feel threatens the entire Plan.

There are those who want to gamble and accept the Trump plan “as is” – knowing full well – but choosing to ignore the “poison pill” that facilitates a Palestinian Arab State on Israeli territory. This camp crosses their fingers in the hopes that once again - the Palestinian Arab Leadership will reject yet another plan for peace. Their hopes and aspirations are based on the assumption of the “expected” Arab refusal which will grant Israel by default - the projected right to an entire Sovereign State.

Though not perfect, the reasoning is to accept the Plan as the best offer “at the time”. It’s an approach consistent with century old Jewish culture and reasoning embodied in the parable of the “Lord or dog will die”. But today is different. Jews are no longer hostages in foreign lands - that have no alternatives. They have not just returned to their homeland, they are now very much in control of their land and destiny.

The question causing the "scrimmage" is the debate on whether this is really the right approach. Does this demonstrate the moral and biblical high ground of Emunah (Hebrew for faith) that respects G-d's promises and commandments in Torah and what was declared through the Prophets? What about the deceit of knowingly accepting a false narrative? Or the basis of negotiating on the premise of the other party’s lack of integrity and moral judgement, combined with the presumed ineptitude of their actually accepting?

What does this convey about the willing party? A party who would find themselves in a most grievous and embarrassing position of having to renege on the very deal they “lied” about being willing to accept – should the Palestinian Arabs actually accept the Trump Peace Plan granting them their own independent State.

Isn’t failing to negotiate from a trusted position – worse than simply coming clean and telling the truth? The Jews are no longer refugees on foreign soil. They are the indigenous people who have come home to their ancestral homeland. That fact changes everything in terms of negotiating. It’s time for the Jews to act in faith and with the confidence and knowledge of who they are and what is rightfully theirs.

I write as a Christian outsider who unequivocally recognizes and supports the Jewish indigenous, biblical and legal rights to their ancestral homeland. I am greatly inspired by the Emunah, resolve and tenacity of those within the Sovereignty Movement who are solidly aligned in Emunah with truth and the moral high ground. It’s a position that I find is incumbent upon the “keepers of the book”. The new generation, that their Prophets and ancestors longed to see and whose forefathers so willingly gave their blood to liberate their land, are now in the drivers' seat.

The Jews in Israel are those with whom Bible believing Christians around the world must stand in solidarity, Jews who are guided by truth and integrity - who need our support at this important juncture of time.

I conclude with another statement of the Sovereignty Movement that testifies to this generation of Jews who both know and recognize their place in history – and the future.

“We must not forget the loyalty of the Jewish people to the Land of Israel over the course of two thousand years. We must not forget the reason that led us to immigrate from the four corners of the earth to the Land of Israel and not to Uganda. We draw our strength from the Bible and from the faith that the Land of Israel is the land of the Jewish people exclusively. The divine command that ties the Jewish people to its land is etched in iron and blood, as Rav Kook, of blessed memory, stated. In the Land of Israel only one entity and one sovereignty will be established, and that is the Jewish national entity.”

There is a “light” that is prophesied to be a guiding force and an attraction for the nations. May the light of truth shine forth from the Knesset. President Trump deserves so much appreciation for the good he has done for the people of Israel. He needs to know however, that his plan needs revising. Any plan for peace in Israel can only succeed when it reflects the very truths upon which the nation he leads was founded upon, which promises the Jews their sovereign homeland.

Rev Anthony Abma

CEO of Return O’ Israel

Christians in Support of Jewish Sovereignty

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George Buckman
George Buckman
Apr 19, 2020

The Bible clearly separates how God deals with His nation of Israel and His Gentile Bride. But we are both His from the beginning and we share a redemption story. This is a call for all Christians to support the full restoration of the land for Israel and the full possession of the Holy Spirit poured out to the gentile Bride in this last day! Both must and both are happening in this day and hour! Rise up Children of God and claim your inheritance! All of it!

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