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BDS was created after the failed violent Arab Uprising

Gedaliah Blum, co-founder of Dapei Katom, an online business directory promoting businesses within Judea and Samaria joins Anthony Abma, director of Return O’ Israel. Sitting together in beach chairs in a field scorched from the previous day's Arab arson terror, they discuss the true nature of BDS and why it is important to fight this anti-Semitic movement by being proactive in promoting the businesses they seek to destroy.

Gedaliah believes that BDS is simply a tactic in a larger strategy to destroy Israel. It was no mistake that following the end of the 2nd Intifada (Arab uprising) that the BDS movement was established. When one method to destroy Israel fails, they move to another.

As the BDS movement seeks to cut off the Jewish people’s livelihood, Dapei Katom seeks to put more money into the hands of these small business owners. Gedaliah believes that it is these businesses who are the foundation of building a strong community for the Jewish people within Judea and Samaria.

Watch the video to hear about the story of the farmers in the Jordan Valley whom, after harvesting their fruit, were told by their European buyers that the order was canceled. With tons of rotting fruit at their feet, they persevered to develop a much more successful crop. This is a story of resolve, what the Jewish people have and need in order to continue to establish and restore their place in their land.

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