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Avi Abelow fulfills his commitment to the Jewish people

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

Return O' Israel has a dramatic encounter with media sensation, Avi Abelow. Join Anthony as he interviews Avi while on reserve duty - in IDF uniform - at Oz VeGaon, as he fulfills his commitment to the Jewish people.

Avi is founder of Israel Unwired and Israel Video Network, 2 leading media platforms sharing the truth about Israel at a grassroots level. Avi speaks of an incredible, life-changing event that also left a deep scar on the Jewish people - that remains to this day. It was the summer of 2005; in a few weeks nearly 9,000 Jewish residents living in villages known as “Gush Katif” in Gaza were to be expelled and their homes destroyed – all part of the Oslo Accords. Though a closed military zone, Avi snuck in to show solidarity and support for the residents who were about to lose everything.

In the last weeks leading up to the expulsion, life in Gush Katif was anything but normal. What remained on schedule though - was the annual youth basketball tournament between the communities. It was a surreal event that Avi captured as a documentary entitled Home Game. Though expulsion was imminent, Jewish life and resolve was undeterred. The film was a sensation and is listed as one of the most watched films relating to the Gaza expulsion.

This event radicalized Avi’s life. Realizing how the “left” was using media manipulation to not only turn Jews against Jews, but were also challenging and undermining the Judeao-Christian foundation of God’s covenants and purpose for Israel. Avi’s new-born passion propelled him into becoming a media sensation. His goal was simple - to utilize technology and bring a message of Godliness and more holiness into the world. 

Nearly twenty years later, Avi’s non-profit network of pro-Israel media which includes Israel Video Network and Israel Unwired reaches an audience of millions around the world and brings people into a closer relationship and contact with Jews and the battle for their restoration and sovereignty in Israel.

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