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Arab Intimidation won't stop the Tisha B’Av March Around Jerusalem

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

As Christians in support of Jewish Sovereignty, one of the best ways to demonstrate our love and support for our Jewish brothers and sisters, is to join the annual march in Jerusalem on Tisha B’Av.

Join Anthony on an incredible journey that begins with the reading of Lamentations sitting in grief on the ground in Independence Park. But grief and sorrow turns to joy and expectation – of Jewish restoration and Sovereignty! Feel the excitement of hundreds of waving Israeli flags as 1000’s March up and around the Old City walls of Jerusalem as a declaration of their faith and indomitable spirit. But this is a battle of truth; feel the hostility as thousands of Arabs who lined the streets outside the Damascus Gate shout Allah Akbar and threaten the peaceful marchers.

The Tisha B’Av March concludes in a beautiful atmosphere of worship with a choir of men singing songs of praise and worship at the Kotel.


Return O' Israel



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