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WATCH: Behind the Ribonut/Sovereignty Movement Youth Conference

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

Join Gedaliah as he not only introduces and explains the bigger picture behind the 2nd

Sovereignty Youth Conference, but captures important statements from keynote speakers like; Nadia Matar, the Co-Founder of the Sovereignty Movement and co-host of the Conference; Palestinian Arab Human Right’s Activist Bassam Eid who shares a personal message with the Jewish young people that millions of Israeli Arabs that were not able to be present want them to know! Of author and activist Josh Hastan as he exposes the untold back-room story of the 2-State Theory; Shmuel Solomon chairman of the Sovereignty Movement and why a divided Israel is absolutely indefensible – and of course, the heart and soul of the Conference as explained by a young, aspiring Israeli High School student!

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