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Jordan Valley – Annex or NOT to Annex: Who To Believe?

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

On Friday, Jan 24th, 2020 a poll commissioned by the Walla News site was released. It had been conducted prior to Trump’s announcement of releasing his Peace Plan before the Israeli election. The "Midgam" Poll sampled 505 respondents out of 3,459 and found that 35 percent of respondents supported unilateral annexation of the Jordan Valley, while 30% oppose it and 35% said they didn’t know.

But does this tell the real story? As Return O’ Israel is the only Christian ministry work partnering directly with the Jewish Sovereignty Movement, we are working to keep the Christian Community informed of the “other” voice in Israel. The voice of the fervent in Israel who are longing for restoration and redemption that is only possible through full Sovereignty.

We are pleased to provide you with a different poll ordered by the Sovereignty Movement, that established very different results! The results of the survey conducted by Direct Poll concluded that a decisive majority of right-wing voters support the application of sovereignty!

This Poll, conducted on Jan 6, 2020, was also completed prior to the Trump announcement. They contacted 522 respondents from the adult (18+) Jewish population in Israel who voted for the parties of the right-wing bloc in the last elections. The sampling error is +- 4,1% with a probability of 95%.

The survey revealed that a solid, decisive majority (89%) of those who voted for the right-wing bloc - would support a government decision that would establish, even unilaterally, the application of sovereignty. This stands in stark contrast to the position of Benny Gantz who declared that he would apply sovereignty only with the international agreement...and how many nations would "agree" to that? This proves once again that a left-leaning government in Israel is incapable of leading the nation further on in restoration or redemption.

Of the right-wing bloc voters, approximately 41% support the application of sovereignty to the Jordan Valley and the areas of the communities. An additional approximately 32% support application of sovereignty over all of Area C, which constitutes approximately 60% of the territory in Judea and Samaria and which are under total Israeli control.

Defense Minister Naftali Bennett, leader of the right-wing Yamina party, was quoted as calling; “Trump a true friend of Israel” and said that Israel “…stands before a historic opportunity.” Bennett also stipulated that his party would not allow the transfer of any land to Palestinian control or for a Palestinian state to be established.

73% of the participants in the Direct Poll surveyed, opposed any change in the status of Areas A and B for establishing a Palestinian state there.

As partners with the Sovereignty Movement, Return O’ Israel invites Christians around the world to not only pray for Jewish restoration but to support this movement that represents those in Israel who seek full and complete Jewish restoration in Sovereignty. Our mutual redemption depends upon it!

One important way you can show your support, is to sign up for your “Chai/Life Membership” in support of Ribonut Sovereignty movement at the following link;

Join the Sovereignty Movement TODAY!

Rev Anthony Abma

Return O’ Israel

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